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International Journal of Research in Marketing, conditionally accepted


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Liquidity Provider Incentives in Fragmented Securities Markets
Journal of Empirical Finance (forthcoming)
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The role of deterrability for the effect of multi-level sanctions on information security policy compliance: results of a multi-group analysis.
Information & Management, in press


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Sharing Information Security Failure: The Role of Social Context and Social Environment
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Gomber, Peter (2020)
Research Unbundling: Höhere Kapitalkosten und Finanzierungsrisiken für KMUs als unbeabsichtigte Folgen der MiFID II?
FIRM Newsletter Oktober 2020
Panz, Sven (2020)
Risk Management in Financial Markets
Dissertation, Goethe University Frankfurt
Bräuer, Konstantin / Hackethal, Andreas / Hanspal, Tobin (2020)
Consuming Dividends
Working Paper; presented at the American Finance Association Ph.D. Student Poster Session (AFA 2020), the European Finance Association (EFA 2019) and the CEPR European Conference on Household Finance 2019.


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