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Monday, 13. January 2020
Micha Bender Joins Team
Friday, 20. December 2019
Deutsche Leasing and American Express strengthen our ranks as new sponsors.
Friday, 20. December 2019
The Volkswagen Foundation has given the chair the opportunity to create a research proposal for a more extensive AI project.
Friday, 20. December 2019
The project "ForeSight" praised by the BMWi, and in particular the sub-project of Prof. Hinz, has now received the grant notice.
Tuesday, 12. November 2019
Benjamin Clapham has received his doctoral degree on November 11th, 2019, with his dissertation on “Integrity and Efficiency of Electronic Securities Markets”. The dissertation was supervised by Prof. Gomber.…
Tuesday, 01. October 2019
The Chair of Prof. Hinz wins in the KI Innovation Competition of the Federal Ministry of Economics (BMWi) around the smart living project "ForeSight". The goal of the project is to develop a platform for…
Monday, 30. September 2019
For his project “Economic Consequences of Restrictions on the Usage of Cookies”, Prof. Skiera received one of the most prestigious research grants in Europe: an Advanced Research Grant of the European…
Sunday, 29. September 2019
Jascha-Alexander Koch has received his doctoral degree on July 8th, 2019, with his dissertation on “Online Crowdfunding Platforms: Campaign Success, Cancellation, and Fraud”. Florian Glaser has received his…
Friday, 27. September 2019
Guido Lenz joined the Chair of Prof. Hackethal as an external doctoral student in April 2019. Guido completed the Master's program Money and Finance at Goethe University after receiving his Bachelor's degree…
Thursday, 26. September 2019
Nathanial Weir (advised by Prof. Binnig) placed second at the ACM Student Research Competition at SIGMOD2019 with his work on a natural language interface for databases called DBPal. Congratulations!
Wednesday, 25. September 2019
Abdallah Salama (advised by Prof. Binnig) received the Best Student Paper Award for his paper “XAI – A Middleware for Scalable AI”. In this paper, Abdallah presents XAI, a middleware on top of existing deep…


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