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Data Science "for Financial Services"
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Our mission is to contribute to the evolution of traditional industries towards "digitized and high-performance industries" by solving practical and theoretical problems with the tools of data science and methodology of scientific research.

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Thursday, 26. November 2020
After the "Roman-Herzog-Preis Soziale Marktwirtschaft" and the "Ludwig Erhard Preis", Dr. Daniel Blaseg has now also been awarded the "Wolfgang Ritter Prize 2020"for his dissertation "Crowdfunding".
Thursday, 12. November 2020
Data management architectures will change radically in the next few years: The spectrum of applications that have to process large amounts of data has expanded significantly. In addition, new trends are making…
Thursday, 12. November 2020
Artificial intelligence will change the working world of tomorrow like no other technology. For the work of the future, this fact gives rise to the following central question: How should this human-machine…


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