efl Spring Conference

The value of data in business, research and society

Thank you for your attendance of our 2020 Spring Conference.

Thanks to all efl Spring Conference-attendees!

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who participated in the efl Spring Conference 2020.

Over 200 persons from 46 organizations gave their time and resources to attend and to contribute. You made the efl Spring Conference 2020 a success, and it was a great pleasure to see so many of you there!

Hopefully, you enjoyed both the scientific part and the social program. We would like to give special thanks for the inspirational presentations to the speakers: Gordon Burtch, (Associate Professor of Information and Decision Sciences at the University of Minnesota), Frank Steffen (Managing Director and Founder of CapTec Partners), Henner Gimpel, (Professor of Management Engineering at the University of Augsburg), Christoph Bornschein (TLGG & Supervisory Board Member of Deutsche Bank), Dr. Helmut Linde, (Global Head of Data Science at Merck KGaA).

Furthermore, we would like to thank you as attendees for all your great input and for many fruitful discussions and interactions.


The efl Spring Conference 2020 truly would not be possible without the support of so many partners. We would like to thank our sponsors, who made this event possible and for their confidence in our work!

We are looking forward to seeing you again next year.

You can also find some pictures of the conference below and rewatch the conference livestream by following the links:

Livestream Videos (Youtube):   Part 1  Part 2

Original Invitation to the Conference

The efl cordially invites to its Annual Spring Conference.

The event will be held on February 18th, 2020, at Campus Westend of Goethe University Frankfurt and is organized by Prof. Hinz and his team. The conference will commence at 4pm. Participants have the chance to discuss the topic “The value of data in business, research and society” with speakers from science and practice. Selected speakers are Christoph Bornschein (TLGG & Supervisory Board Member of Deutsche Bank), Gordon Burtch, (Associate Professor of Information and Decision Sciences at the University of Minnesota), Frank Steffen (Managing Director and Founder of CapTec Partners), Henner Gimpel, ( Professor of Management Engineering in the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Materials Engineering at the University of Augsburg ), Dr. Helmut Linde, (Global Head of Data Science at Merck KGaA).

You will also be able to register for the event on our Xing Event Page. As always, the participation is free of charge.

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Our Speakers

Gordon Burtch

Prof. Dr. Gordon Burtch is an Associate Professor of Information & Decision Sciences, a Lawrence Fellow and a McKnight Presidential Fellow at the University of Minnesota, in the Carlson School of Management. He is an expert in the areas of crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, social media and word of mouth. His research focuses on the economic evaluation of information systems. He employs econometrics and web-based field experimentation to study individual behavior in online social contexts, particularly those incorporating aspects of social media and user-generated content. His research aims to identify and quantify the influence/impact of various factors in these settings, such as social influence, marketplace design or observable user attributes. This research is published in leading journals especially in the stream of Information Systems.

Prior to entering academia, he gained some practical experience as an information systems auditor, a hardware design engineer, and most recently as a technology consultant with Accenture Canada in Toronto.

Frank Steffen

Frank Steffen is Managing Director and Co-Founder at CapTec Analytics turning his leisure activities concerning data science and analytics into a career. CapTec aims to improve human decision-making by developing applications in data analytics and automation. CapTec has started an algorithmic investment fund and is now running Lendary (www.lendary.net) which allows its users to automate their USD lending on crypto exchanges. Also, CapTec develops customized solutions in data science and analytics across industries. Before founding CapTec, he worked as a strategy consultant at The Boston Consulting Group, with a strong focus on digitization and data strategy. He started his professional career in two technology ventures and has obtained an M. Sc. from Imperial College, London.


Henner Gimpel

Prof. Dr. Henner Gimpel is Professor of Management Engineering in the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Materials Engineering at the University of Augsburg. He is member of the Research Center Finance & Information Management and the Project Group Business & Information Systems Engineering of Fraunhofer FIT. His research focus lies on the analysis and design of digitization. He deals with socio-technical information systems in which people, information and digital technologies interact with each other. The goals here are the human-centered and economically target-oriented development and use of information systems as well as the analysis of individual acceptance and handling of digital technologies in the financial sector, the health sector and the high-tech industry. Prof. Dr. Henner Gimpel focuses on the fields of Customer Relationship Management, Digital Life, and Management in the Digital Age. Besides research, he supports numerous companies in various industries in the development of innovative solutions for individual questions and challenges.

Christoph Bornschein

Christoph Bornschein is an adept at dealing with the digital change. As one of the three founders and CEOs of the German digital business agency group Torben, Lucie und die gelbe Gefahr (TLGG), Christoph counsels international companies from various industries, public authorities, NGOs, and brands in the strategic use of digital technologies. TLGG has been designing the customer experience of the future since 2008 and received the ‘German Prize for Online Communication – Agency of the Year’ twice. Since December 2018 he has also been a member of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Bank and advises on digital topics and issues. He is also member of various Advisory Boards. Besides, Christoph Bornschein accompanies international startups as a mentor and investor also engaging as mentor at the Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin always looking for new visions. Privately he is interested in collecting stamps and loves watching zombie series.

Helmut Linde

Dr. Helmut Linde is the Global Head of Data Science at the vibrant science and technology giant Merck KGaA. He leads an organization of expert data scientists who drive innovation in the field of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. Before joining Merck KGaA in 2017, Helmut has held various leadership roles at the software company SAP in the field of data science, overseeing the development and implementation of customer-specific forecasting and optimization solutions. Helmut has an academic research background in mathematics and physics.


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