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Tuesday, 25. May 2021
In the future, TU Darmstadt will be a member of the National High Performance Computing (NHR) network funded by the federal and state governments. In its meeting on November 13, 2020, the Joint Science…
Thursday, 01. April 2021
Dr. Gabriela Alves Werb, former doctoral student of Prof. Skiera, accepted an offer as a tenured professor of Business Information Systems at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at Frankfurt…
Monday, 11. January 2021
The paper “Mutual Funds and Risk Disclosure: Information Content of Fund Prospectuses” received this year’s Swiss Finance Institute Best Paper Award.
Monday, 11. January 2021
Jonas De Paolis joins the Chair of Prof. Gomber as a research assistant.
Monday, 11. January 2021
Our annual conference will not take place in spring 2021 as scheduled.
Wednesday, 16. December 2020
Patrick Weber, Dr. Kevin Bauer and Prof. Dr. Oliver Hinz researched the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in the financial sector. In the whitepaper at hand, they give an overview about the basics…
Tuesday, 01. December 2020
Oliver Hinz joins the „Nationales Forschungsnetzwerk der Universitätsmedizin“ (together with Prof. Rhode, Prof. Drosten, Prof. Ciesek and others) as PI for Digitization and Data Science in the Projekt EViPan…
Tuesday, 01. December 2020
DFG grants a Middle East collaboration project between Goethe University (Oliver Hinz) and Tel Aviv University (Shachar Reichmann) with the title “Designing and Understanding Profit-Maximizing Recommender…
Tuesday, 01. December 2020
Hendrik Jöntgen wins the Best Paper Award at the European Conference for Information Systems 2020. In the article "Driving the Firestorm: The Impact of Social Capital on User Persuasion in Internet Storms", he…
Thursday, 26. November 2020
After the "Roman-Herzog-Preis Soziale Marktwirtschaft" and the "Ludwig Erhard Preis", Dr. Daniel Blaseg has now also been awarded the "Wolfgang Ritter Prize 2020" for his dissertation "Crowdfunding".
Thursday, 12. November 2020
Data management architectures will change radically in the next few years: The spectrum of applications that have to process large amounts of data has expanded significantly. In addition, new trends are making…


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