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Wednesday, 15. February 2023
The efl researchers Dr. Benjamin Clapham and Dr. Jens Lausen are co-authors of the first crowd-based empirical study in finance.
Tuesday, 14. February 2023
The newspaper "Börsen-Zeitung" published in its latest issue an article about research from Prof. Kevin Bauer, Prof. Oliver Hinz, Prof. Cathy Liu, and Prof. Xitong Li.
Monday, 23. January 2023
Prof. Dr. Peter Gomber, Professor of Business Administration, esp. e-Finance, was elected to the Exchange Council of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB).
Friday, 20. January 2023
Peter Gomber, Satchit Sagade, Erik Theissen, Moritz Christian Weber, and Christian Westheide successfully published their paper “Spoilt for choice: Determinants of market shares in fragmented equity markets”.
Monday, 19. December 2022
Prof. Dr. Oliver Hinz has achieved an excellent ranking in the well-known business administration research ranking of business magazine “WirtschaftsWoche“.
Saturday, 26. November 2022
For his doctoral thesis, Price of Privacy, Dr. Lennart Kraft received the Dr.-Dietmar-Harting Prize of the Erich-Gutenberg-Arbeits- gemeinschaft e.V. for outstanding achievements in business administration on…
Friday, 18. November 2022
Dr. Jens Lausen, former doctoral student at the Chair of e-Finance (Prof. Dr. Gomber), was awarded the Dr. Mihael Foit and Elfriede Stich-Foit Foundation Prize
Thursday, 10. November 2022
The Journal of Business Economics published the article “Policy Making in the Financial Industry: A Framework for Regulatory Impact Analysis Using Textual Analysis”
Friday, 04. November 2022
The first efl Data Science Course on Python took place on Friday, November 4, at the e-Finance lab of the Goethe University Frankfurt
Tuesday, 18. October 2022
The event took place on October 11, 2022 at the Casino Building of the Goethe University Frankfurt.
Monday, 03. October 2022
Anjana Cordes has joined the Chair of Prof. Hinz as a research assistant.


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