M.Sc. Tino Cestonaro

Research Assistant
M.Sc. Tino Cestonaro

M.Sc. Tino Cestonaro

Research Assistant
Tino Cestonaro joined the team in April 2020. His research focuses on Market Microstructure, Financial Machine Learning, and Algorithmic and High-Frequency Trading.

Tino Cestonaro completed his undergraduate studies in Economics at the Justus-Liebig university of Gießen with a focus on econometrics and finance. Afterwards, he studied Business Administration at the Goethe University in Frankfurt where he received his master’s degree in March 2020. During his studies, Tino worked as a student assistant at the Chair of Statistics and Econometrics of Prof. Peter Winker. Furthermore, he gained professional experience working at Deka Investment, Deloitte and Catana Capital.

Since April 2020, Tino is a research assistant at the chair of e-Finance. 


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Cestonaro, Tino / De Paolis, Jonas / Panz, Sven (2022)
High-Frequency Price Formation in Fragmented Equity Markets
Working Paper, presented at the Forecasting Financial Markets Conference; Milan, Italy
Bender, Micha / Cestonaro, Tino / Gomber, Peter / Koch, Jascha-Alexander (2021)
Research Unbundling and COVID-19: Will Europe’s Capital Markets Recovery Package Help?
Journal of Investing, Vol. 31, No. 1, pp. 96-107


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