Dr. Sven Panz

Research Assistant
Dr. Sven Panz

Dr. Sven Panz

Research Assistant
Sven focuses on market microstructure research and risk management topics. He is also interested in machine learning techniques and alternative data to leverage trading strategies.

Sven Panz received his Bachelor’s degree in business mathematics in 2012 from the University of Applied Sciences in Koblenz. Afterwards, he continued his studies in the elite graduate program Finance and Information Management at the TU Munich and the University of Augsburg. He completed his Master with a major in quantitative finance in 2015. In his Master thesis he found analytical prices for multidimensional barrier derivatives. During his studies Sven worked as a student assistant and gained professional experience working at AXA, Ernst & Young (EY), and Goldman Sachs. Since October 2015, he is research assistant at Layer 2 of the E-Finance Lab.



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