Konstantin Bräuer

Research Assistant
Konstantin Bräuer

Konstantin Bräuer

Research Assistant
Konstantin Bräuer conducts empirical research on individual investor behavior, the role of financial advice and financial innovations.

Since September 2016 Konstantin is a research assistant at the chair of Prof. Andreas Hackethal and started working at the efl as a research assistant in April 2018 (Layer 3). His research centers around topics in the area of household finance particularly focusing on the impact of financial innovation (FinTech) on investor behavior and how changes in households’ stock market wealth affect their consumption. He was a visiting Ph.D. student at WU Vienna University of Economics and Business in 2019.Konstantin received his Master in Finance&Accounting at Goethe University Frankfurt. During his studies Konstantin worked as a student assistant at the chair of Prof. Hackethal and gained professional experience in the fields of Asset Management and Trading while working at Deutsche Bank.


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Bräuer, Konstantin / Hackethal, Andreas / Hanspal, Tobin (2020)
Consuming Dividends
Working Paper; presented at the American Finance Association Ph.D. Student Poster Session (AFA 2020), the European Finance Association (EFA 2019) and the CEPR European Conference on Household Finance 2019.
Bräuer, Konstantin (2018)
The Impact of Robo-Advice on Fund Savings Plan Choices
EFL Quarterly, 3/2018


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